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We know what it means to have an emergency and being stranded: When you call us on our mobile phones or book us through our website, we know that it has to be an emergency. That is precisely why our windshield experts are ready to go as soon as you book a call with us. We promise to reach help in the fastest possible time so that you are able to keep your commitments.

Rain or shine, we work!

We are working throughout the year and even during festivals and holidays. We cover you even in the nights with one third of our manpower who is in active duty throughout the night. We have records of work being done by our abled workmen in snow as much as four inches deep. But work is work and we understand what kind of damage snow accumulation can do to the interiors of your car and that is why we are always a foot to be able to reach you as early as possible.

Also windshield:

Even though it sounds like we are the windshield people we also repair and replace side glasses as the rear glass. We make sure that the car is in the drivable condition before you pick it up for delivery. This is mainly because of statutory condition that lay down that a certain amount of time is necessary for lapse so that the adhesive and/or sealant can effectively attach the glass to the automobile. If the adhesive is not attached to the car and it is driven off on to the roads, it can cause damage to the passengers if there is god forbid collusion. That is why we allow the owners to pick up the repaired/ replaced windshield car after a minimum of six to eight hours. You can contact us on the numbers provided here or drop s a line to give you our best quote. Our people are gearing to help you with our expertise!